At Limitless Pools Inc, we offer a variety of services to help with your pool design, operation and installation.

Your pool is the centerpiece of your backyard. It is a source of entertainment and relaxation for you and your family. A backyard pool helps you beat the heat and relax under the sun, and it is very important that you enjoy looking at it and using it. Thats why we take pride in making your pool dreams come true – the way you want.

We can help design, build and maintain your luxury dream pool. See our services below. Please CONTACT US for a FREE no obligation quote!


Pool design is as important as pool quality. Pool design provides ambience and gives character to the house. To create the right pool, it is necessary that it blends well with the design of your house. This is why we advise every homeowner to begin the designing the pool by contacting our pool design experts. With our experts, you’ll be able to explore the right ideas for your personal pool.
With Limitless Pools Inc. you’re not limited to boring rectangles or kidney-shaped pools. Our custom pool designs push the limits of traditional designs. It’s no longer about just swimming pool design; it’s about re-imagining a luxurious extension of your home that connects the outdoors to your life.


 Excavators are an important part of the swimming pool process and help prep the ground … Excavation is needed for all in ground pools and it is the foundation work for your pool. We can excavate your design – your way.


We install a wide variety of fibreglass pools to fit your pool needs. We will go through sizes, colour and designs for the liner of your dreams.


Our experts work on the creative pool design, leveraging the latest updates to give you a modern and attractive pool scape, saving you time and money plus delivering comfort and safety. Renovating a pools landscape and adding modernizations can include adding colour changing lighting, bringing in automation with digital controls, adding spa, waterfalls or fountains and resurfacing the interiors, plants, rocks, walls and gardens. Whatever your modelling project is, at Limitless Pools we can transform your dream project into reality.


Our swimming pool experts have years of experience in maintaining, designing, renovating and repairing residential and commercial pools of all shapes and sizes in and around Ontario. 
We provide a complete line of swimming pool services designed to ensure upkeep of your swimming pool throughout the year. We offer everything necessary to keep your pool sparkling clean in summers and safely closed during the winter season. Whether you want a new inground pool or a few swimming pool repairs, you can rely on our expert technicians. Our team of experts also specialize in pool liner replacements.


A swimming pool is often the center of attention in a backyard. Over the years, your swimming pool may need extensive repairs. In this situation, instead of tearing down the pool and building a new one, a better option can be a pool makeover. Backyard pool renovation may need more planning than building a new one, but this can prove to be more economical in the long run.
To give your pool a makeover, you need a team of pool renovation experts who can give a new look to your existing pool. Limitless Pool’s team has the right expertise to give your pool a complete modernization and style update.
Limitless Pools is a licensed company that can help tie your new in-ground pool in with the rest of your yard. We work with some of Ontario’s finest craftsmen to help design and execute a seamless yard transformation for our clients.


Is something in your pool not operating quite right? One of our swimming pool repair technicians can inspect the system and diagnose the issue. If a repair is required, we can repair the existing part or replace and install a new component to ensure your pool is back in working order. We repair and install it all, whether you need a leak repaired or new energy-efficient equipment, our team is here to take the stress out of your swimming pool repair.


Retaining walls are best described as a wall or structure built between your pool and a slope in your yard. Determining wall placement and height are two factors to consider early in the construction process. If your yard is perfectly flat, there is simply no need for a retaining wall (very rarely is this the case). Most homes must be built up using fill dirt to achieve the required flood level. With these prevailing slopes a retaining wall in many cases will be required.

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