Considering a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool? We’re here to help. We specialize in fibreglass and vinyl pools, our goal is for you to walk away satisfied, and part of how we achieve that is by providing information on the types of pools, so you can make an educated decision on what’s best for your needs.

We want you to be able to choose the pool that’s best for you. Your Dreams Are Limitless – at Limitless Pools.


Vinyl liner pools typically cost about $10,000 less than fiberglass pools upfront. However, vinyl liners need to be replaced every 5–9 years.. Fiberglass pools are much more durable, need less maintenance.



Fiberglass pools typically run up to 16 feet wide, 40 feet long, and 8.5 feet deep. While you can choose a wide variety of designs, you are limited to the predesigned molds.

Even outside of the size restrictions, you can customize your pool to any aesthetic with water features, tiles, bench seats, therapy jets, tanning shelves, and colorful lights.

Some of the shapes our fiberglass pools come in are:

More shapes and designs can be found on our partner and supplier sites on our CONTACT PAGE.



Our suppliers manufacture the fiberglass pool shell off-site and we bring it to you. By the end of day 2, your pool is ready for swimming! The patio and decking need another week or two.

From beginning to end, the process usually takes 3–5 weeks.

Fiberglass pools are a few weeks shorter than vinyl liner, and bonus: they’re less messy too.



Most fiberglass pool projects cover both manufacturing and installation, which costs $45,000–$85,000 altogether. As usual, you’ll pay more for extensive landscaping, accessories, and water features. They look more pleasing and can be more luxurious.

Long-term, your only serious maintenance expenses will be in chemicals and electricity. You’ll spend almost $4,000 over a ten-year period. Which is less expensive than a vinyl liner over time.



The interior surface of a fiberglass pool is called the gelcoat. It’s smooth to the touch.

Steps or tanning ledges are designed to have an anti-slip texture, but even that’s not rough.



Having the perfect gelcoat surface, you’ll never need to refinish it.

The layers of fiberglass in the pool shell provide it with a lot of flex strength.

A salt chlorine generator improves your water quality and the salt won’t damage the pool.



The gelcoat is inert, meaning it doesn’t affect the water pH. You still need to test your water chemistry each week, but you’ll rarely need to add acid to balance the water.



The gelcoat of a fiberglass pool is smooth and algae-resistant.



Fiberglass pools use fewer chemicals because, again, little to no algae. Depending on the system, you can also run the pump and filter in shorter cycles or at lower speeds. Hurray for energy savings!

Which should I choose?

Only you know your priorities for your new pool. We can only provide different aspects to consider as you determine the best fit for you and your family. Maybe the pool needs to fit your specific aesthetic regardless of cost. Or maybe you’d prefer low costs over customization.

Unlike vinyl liner pools, fiberglass pools look lovely, can last a long time, and can be customized with cool features. You will ultimately save money with a fiberglass pool rather than a vinyl liner.

Fiberglass pools work well if you:

  • Have a budget of $45,000 or more
  • Want to SAVE money in the long run.
  • Need a small-to-medium pool (16’x40’ or smaller)
  • Can find a fiberglass swimming pool design that meets your needs
  • Want the least maintenance possible
  • Need the pool to have flex strength against constant ground vibration
  • Want a pool with low long-term costs
  • Want a quick, easy installation

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