Considering a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool? We’re here to help. We specialize in fibreglass and vinyl pools, our goal is for you to walk away satisfied, and part of how we achieve that is by providing information on the types of pools, so you can make an educated decision on what’s best for your needs.

We want you to be able to choose the pool that’s best for you. Your Dreams Are Limitless – at Limitless Pools.


Vinyl liner pools typically cost about $10,000 less than fiberglass pools upfront. However, they need the liner replaced every 5–9 years and tend to look cheap. Fiberglass pools are much more durable, need less maintenance, and look classy.


Vinyl Liner

Most vinyl liner pools are rectangular, but you can definitely customize the shape, size, and depth of the pool. Specialty shapes cost more, but still typically less than a similar fiberglass or concrete pool.

Below are some of the standard shapes we can do.


Vinyl Liner

The full construction process takes place in your backyard. Your vinyl liner pool will be ready to use in 4–8 weeks.

Both pool types have short installation times compared to concrete pools (3-6 months). However, fiberglass pools are a few weeks shorter than vinyl liner, and bonus: they’re less messy too.


Vinyl Liner

Most vinyl liner pools cost at least $10,000 less than similar fiberglass or concrete pools.

The pool will also use less electricity and fewer chemicals overall than a concrete pool of the same size, which reduces the lifetime cost.

The vinyl liner needs to be replaced every 5–9 years, costing $4000–$4500, which includes the labor and materials.


Vinyl Liner

The vinyl liner is smooth other than the ridge where one piece meets another. Just be sure to repair any damage and replace the liner on schedule.


Vinyl Liner

You need to replace the liner every 5–9 years. We are specialists in the matter and can give you a feeling of a well done job after completed.

Wrinkles in your vinyl liner won’t hurt anything, but if you choose to smooth them out, that takes significant time and effort.

Divots and dents are usually cosmetic issues as well, but a bump due to a rock or pebble could lead to a tear in the liner. For these issues, you have to drain the pool and remove the liner for repairs.


Vinyl Liner

The surface of a vinyl liner pool is also relatively algae-resistant.

However, algae can grow in submerged areas that don’t circulate water, like the seams around the pool steps. A good chemical balance will help fix that.


Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner pools also require less time and money to keep the chemistry in balance. Still, be sure to regularly measure and maintain your pool’s alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels.

A vinyl liner pool’s pump/filter system requires less energy than a concrete pool’s. It’s actually closer to a fiberglass pool’s energy bill. However, you do still have to spend a little extra effort to avoid algae in the poorly-circulated corners.


Only you know your priorities for your new pool. We can only provide different aspects to consider as you determine the best fit for you and your family. Maybe the pool needs to fit your specific aesthetic regardless of cost. Or maybe you’d prefer low costs over customization.

Vinyl Liner Pools typically fit those who:

  • Have a budget of $25,000–$35,000
  • Want to make the pool fit a lower cost budget.
  • Will only live in the home for two or three years.
  • Want the biggest pool for the cheapest price


One of the most cost-effective ways to maintain the pool is to replace the pool liner. If a pool liner has a small rip, a tear or looks tired, it needs to be replaced immediately. At Limitless Pools, we offer our pool liner replacement services for pools whose liners have reached the end of their life.

An old, faded pool liner looks bad with a chic home. If you are looking to refresh the liner, look at our amazing collection of customizable liners. Whether you have an in-ground pool or a salt water pool, our experts can install the pool liners without any hassle

Pool liners at Limitless Pools have innovative features such as scratch resistant, easy to clean and smooth under the feet. They also come in numerous design patterns.

Contact us at Limitless Pools for a FREE no obligation quote for your vinyl liner installation.


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